The VALUMICS project is a Horizon2020 Research and Innovation project coordinated by University of Iceland. The project work addresses specific challenges facing the food system and food value chains in Europe. The key role of the food system in the European economy and society is to ensure food and nutrition security, contribute to local and global economies, provide jobs and as a result has a significant impact on the sustainable development of food value chains.

VALUMICS work aims to improve understanding the functioning of different links in the food chain, their viability and sustainability within specific supply chains and across food chains, and how they provide capacity to foster the sustainability and resilience of the food system.

The VALUMICS project will implement a holistic approach and causality based system framework analysis, supported by new advances in theory, modelling and data gathering, which is required to capture and understand the dynamics and interactions in food systems from providers of farm inputs to consumers, including the waste managers and policy makers. Drivers that influence chains’ sustainability performance will be analysed and mapping performed of a range of value chains.