VALUMICS worskhop 4 and Plenary meeting Dublin

Closing the first year of VALUMICS

The last month of an exciting first year included a successful plenary meeting and the WP2 workshop 4 in Dublin 11-13 of June

Group photo taken on the step of the UCD Smurfit School Campus after a successful day


The partners agreed that one of the main aims of the modelling work will be to address issues related to fairness in the functioning of European food chains. This will be achieved through the joint analysis of (i) their level and degree of transparency and (ii) the way in which the value added is distributed along the food chains.


Live webex meeting with the VALUMICS DG Agri Project officer in Brussels


Further more it was agreed to pay equal attention to farmers and the other actors of the chains, and to include to the “voiceless” consumer perspective.


Next steps discussed


WP3 has completed Deliverable 3.3 : Characterisation framework report that classifies key regulatory and policy impacts upon food value chains. This research report is a public report and will be made available soon on the website.


Professor David Barling

“‘Fairness” is a general principle of EU administrative law, connoting the equal treatment of all people or parties, irrespective of differences in status, power or other social, physical or cultural differences”. Directorate-General for Internal Policies, Policy Department C, Citizens’ Rights and Constitutional Affairs (2015) The general principles of EU administrative procedural law (PE 519.224), European Parliament