China Agricultural University – CAU

China Agricultural University – CAU (, a Governmental funded and non-profit organization, is the foremost agricultural university with a strong and highly qualified faculty team. It covers a wide range of disciplines on a complementary basis, such as agriculture and life science, resources and environment, information and computer science, agricultural engineering and automation science, economic management and social sciences. Both of the disciplines of food science and technology, agricultural economic are the national key supported disciplines, and they rank the second and third place at national level, separately.

CAU has extensive and strong research experience in agri food safety and industrial supply chain management, information and communication technologies application in agriculture and food industry. And more than 100 projects per year related agribusiness & supply chain management, information management in agriculture, fishery and food industry, agribusiness strategy management etc. have funded from diverse channels. Most of them are from the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), the National High Technology Research and the Development Program (863 Program) and National Science and technology support plan (The latter two plans equal the EU Framework program plan).

CAU has built extensive network with the government, industry organization, national and international university and research institution, media, and industry SMEs, for example, the Farmer Daily, the Society of Agricultural Economics, New Hope Group, Kanyin group, etc. CAU also is running 5 projects from EU FP7, Horizon 2020 and SWITCH Asia.

CAU will contribute to work in all WP´s from WP2 to WP9:

In WP2, CAU will contribute to work in building a conceptual model on dynamics of food value chains and networks, and mapping food value chains to determine critical points where key indicators must be recorded, and confirm the indicators identified through stakeholder interactions.

In WP3, CAU will contribute to work in the policies, regulations (China) and private governance arrangements (standards setting, quality requirements, contract terms, agricultural and rural development policy supports etc.) and their impacts upon the functioning of food value chains in economic, environmental and social terms, including both intra chain power relationships and sustainability advances.

In WP4, CAU will contribute to work in employing secondary data sources from national statistics and public actors’ data sets.

In WP5, CAU will contribute to work in economic, social and environmental analysis modelling based on the secondary data and data obtained through the case studies.

In WP6, CAU will contribute to work in understanding how consumer behavior is changing and have a forward-looking analysis on how this will impact the food value chain

In WP7, CAU will contribute to work in quantitatively modelling the drivers and outcomes of behaviors within food supply networks.

In WP8, CAU will contribute to work in exercising addresses value chains; the key challenges of chain organisation and will include key actors including policy makers.

In WP9, CAU will contribute to work in managing communications and dissemination and outreach to stakeholders

The CAU Team

Dr. Prof. Xiaoshuan ZHANG

(male) A Professor in China Agricultural University. He received his PhD degree in Information Management & information system. He is an expert in agriculture/food/Aquaculture supply chain management & quality safety traceability system, e-business and IS/IT application in agribusiness. He has good scientific backgrounds and research experience in UK. He has been leading and joint leading 8 research projects related with agrifood supply chain & information management funded by national and international organizations. Now he had fulfilled an EU FP6 project, a NSFC project and Sino-Romanian Scientific and Technological Cooperation as the coordinator, is running 5 bigovernmental Cooperation projects.

Dr. Prof. Weisong MU

(female) Chief expert of grape/wine supply chain & economic management at National Grape Technology System, PhD in agricultural system & management engineering. She has good scientific backgrounds in the University of Reading, UK. She has been taking part in and joint leading over 20 research projects funded by national and international organisations and has excellent experiences in information system modeling and computing, rural sustainable development and agricultural industrial economics.

Dr. Xinqing XIAO

(male) is presently a research assistant at the College of Engineering of China Agricultural University, P.R.China. He obtained his BS in Electronics Engineering in 2012 from the East China Institute of Technology, Jiangxi, P.R.China. His research interests are in food cold chain logistics, sensors, and sensor data transmission system, and wireless sensor networks.