MarkMar – MM

MarkMar – MM ( is a SME research company founded in 2000, and the company is located at the University of Iceland campus Technical Innovation Center and provides services to a broad international research clientele. Also, RTD collaborations are ongoing with several faculties at the University of Iceland. MarkMar also has technical competence and expertise in food supply systems, logistics, fish and seafood product development, as well as marketing and new business development within international seafood industry. Employees and associates have extensive experience in successful proposal design and participation in EC funded collaborative research projects. The company has good track record in complex project’s management, and practical experience as coordinators and work package leaders in large and small European funded projects.

One of he strengths of MM collaboration arrangement with its associates network lies in its broad interdisciplinary and diversified basis, especially in supply chains, food science, logistics, computer technology, and social science. The combination gives the research team mobility with a strong research and development background, which can meet the needs of demanding projects at various points in the perishable goods value chain. A strong link is also maintained through active research collaborations with the ASCS – Applied Supply Chain Research Group at the University of Iceland. MarkMar is currently leading the WP on Stakeholder co-creation activities in the H2020 project SUCCESS – “Strategic Use of Competitiveness towards Consolidating the Economic Sustainability of the european Seafood sector”.

MarkMar has also been the coordinator of the BONAFIDE Eurostars project that is developing Apps for transparency purposes in value chains.

MarkMar will lead WP9 on dissemination and communications, and the overall mobilisation and outreach to the agri-food sector companies involved in the VALUMICS stakeholder platform. MM contributes also to the research in WP2, WP4, WP5, WP6 and WP8. Taking focus on perceptions of the consumers towards the food product value chains being studied, the implicit trust in the value chains and the various labelling schemes, and possible value additions through innovation in services and smart tools for influencing consumer choices. Contribute / participate in focus groups, workshops and events relating to specific outreach activities under WP9.

The MarkMar Team

Hildigunnur Sigurdardottir

(female) holds a BA HONS degree in fashion design from UCA Kent (2007). Textile development and co-ordination of logistics regarding development, as well as quality and budget control were her key roles at fashion label Roland Mouret (2012-2015). She also holds electives in Creative Pattern Cutting from C.S. Martin’s London (2012) and Business Strategy, Event Management and Marketing from CBS Copenhagen (2010). She is the marketing and communications manager at MarkMar. Most recently she completed a course in Graphic Design. She has been leading the work in the SUCCESS H2020 project for organising stakeholder mobilisation for involvement in this ongoing project. She has overseen strategic marketing directions for the BONAFIDE application and interaction with industry stakeholders in development of its functions.

Hera Ivarsdottir

(female) holds a degree in Bachelor in Business with focus on Marketing from the University of Iceland and a Master of Science in Entrepreneurship from W  Foster School of Business. Hera has extensive experience in website and social media campaign design and strategy implementation. She has worked for advertisement agencies and small businesses.


Dr. Gunnar Haraldsson

(male). Discipline: Natural resource economics. Gunnar Haraldsson is Founder of Intellecon ltd., an economic consultancy firm. With a Bachelor´s degree in economics and a Master´s degree in Fisheries Science from the University of Iceland, he received a Master´s degree and a PhD in economics from the University of Toulouse in France in 2006. Gunnar Haraldsson has participated in various international research projects. His recent research has mainly focused on fisheries economics as well as socio-economic impacts of ocean acidification. Among other responsibilities he is chairman of the Icelandic Fiscal Council, member of the Science and Technology Policy Council and chairman of the Icelandic UNESCO Committee. Furthermore, Haraldsson served as a senior policy analyst at the OECD Committee of Fisheries in Paris from January 2010 to December 2012 where he inter alia conducted work on the economics of rebuilding fisheries.