REWE International AG – REWE

REWE International AG – REWE (, as Austria’s leading trade and tourism group, is a constant companion of customers’ lives – when they purchase and order food, plan their next holiday and meet their drugstore needs. REWE International AG and is affiliates (BILLA, MERKUR, PENNY, BIPA and ADEG) operate about 2500 stores in Austria. About 41.000 employees also make REWE International AG the biggest employer in Austria

Headquarter for six CEE-countries: The official location of REWE International AG in Wiener Neudorf in Austria not only manages the business in Austria, but also the retail sector of the REWE Group in six central and eastern European countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Russia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and the Ukraine. Altogether REWE International AG employs more than 75.000 people, runs more than 3.600 stores and achieved a total revenue of EUR 12,54 billion in 2015 in its operations.

REWE will contribute to the consumer analysis work in WP6, with special involvement in the testing phase of intervention strategies to stir sustainable food consumer behavior. REWE will contribute to the causal analysis work and qualitative model development in WPs 2 and 6 and participate in the workshops linked to their development.

The REWE Team

Mag.a Tanja Dietrich-Hübner

(female) has been the head of the sustainability department at REWE International AG since 2010. This function includes the management and coordination of the sustainability issues of REWE International in Austria and the affiliated CEE-countries. The core department consists of 6 staff members and is organized along four fields of responsibility:

  • Green Products
  • Energy, Environment and Climate
  • Employees
  • Engagement in society

As head of the board of the charitable environmental foundation “Blühendes Österreich – REWE International Privatstiftung” (“Blooming Austria”) Mrs. Tanja Dietrich Hübner has also been steering the activities of the foundation since 2015. The main activity of the foundation is to foster biodiversity issues in Austria.

Dr. Klaus Kastenhofer, MD

(male) seconded in house consultant. Mr. Klaus Kastenhofer has been consultant on sustainability and strategy issues for the REWE International AG (ongoing since 2014. He is also Member of the Board of the charitable environmental foundation “Blühendes Österreich – REWE International Privatstiftung” (“Blooming Austria”).