University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City – UEH

University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City – UEH ( is the top 15 key university that provides education, training, research and consultancy in Vietnam. UEH’s mission is to develop theoretical and practical knowledge and produce excellent human resources related to economics, business management, law, public policy, accounting, banking and finance to enhance solutions for practical economic and social problems arising in Vietnam new developing (Doi moi) period. The institution delivers effective research and consultancy to government policy makers and enterprises. The university has long cooperation and relationship with local and international organizations in education, training, and research.

The university provides undergraduate and postgraduate education for students from the country and foreign countries such as Laos and Cambodia. Graduates of the university since its establishment include: 190.000 Bachelors, 5.355 Masters and 439 Doctors. UEH now provides graduate and postgraduate education (master, doctoral programs) to over 50.000 students per year.

The university has 680 lecturers, including: 7 Professors, 44 Associate Professors, 6 People Teachers, 34 Excellent Teachers, 158 Doctors, and 178 Masters. UEH has 3 research institutes, 2 education institutes, 5 training and consulting centers, and one academic journal of Journal of Development Economics in both Vietnamese and English language.

Annually, the university contributes over 10 practical and scientific research projects for Ministry and Province governments in Vietnam to enhance economic and social development, conducts 40 academic research projects and 30 consultancy projects. UEH also publishes 50 textbooks and manuals, 80 papers in local journals and about 20 papers in international journals and seminars.

The university focuses on research and consultancy activities and fields as following:

  • Academic research for education and training objectives such as economic and social renewing process, compiling the textbook and manuals, developing grounded knowledge
  • Theoretical and empirical research in economics and business management
  • Practical research and consultancy projects for local and international governments, and private and state enterprises
  • Research and consultancy of economic and social development strategy and planning for government policy makers and enterprise decision makers
  • Business management consulting and training for enterprises
  • Academic research for international and local journal and seminar publishing
  • Research and case study to improve and upgrade education and training methods, tools, syllabus and courses
  • International and local cooperation for research and consultancy in economics and business management in according to global standard

The main research and consultancy fields of UEH are in economics, business management, marketing, accounting, law, bank and finance, and others.

UEH involve directly in PW1, PW5, PW6, PW9 and contribute to work in all other WPs. UEH’s main expertise is in economics and business management. In the School of Economic, the team is strong at agricultural economics, agribusiness and agri-marketing, value chain, linkage in farming, agricultural competitiveness, rural development and international economics.

The UEH Team

Viet Van Hoang

(male) Dr. Viet (Van) Hoang is a lecturer at the School of Economics, University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City. He completed his PhD in Development Economics, Masters in Business and Marketing Management, and Diploma in Agricultural Economics. As part of VALUMICS, Viet is team leader of Vietnam partner which involves and contributes to WP1, WP2, WP5, WP6, WP8, and WP9. The team is currently working on developing analysis framework, food value chain analysis, consumer analysis, and testing and comparing the sustainability, resilience, and fairness of food value chain. Outside of VALUMICS, Viet has been working on Strength2Food project of H2020 and various research projects related to agricultural value chains, food consumer behaviour, agricultural competitiveness, cooperative economics, contract farming, international economics, and benchmarking. He also provided training and classes for food value chain, agricultural economics, international economics, agricultural cooperatives on operations and management. Previously, Viet has over 7 years working experiences as sales and marketing director positions in international and local companies such as TOTO Vietnam, Saigon Rita – Kohler Vietnam and Duc Khai Group.

An Nguyen

(female) Ms. An Quynh Nguyen (Nguyễn Quỳnh An – An Nguyen) is the research fellow of University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City. An has graduated the Bachelor Degree of Economics (University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City). She has the research experience in international economics, contract farming, agricultural economics, food market and value chain, and gender equality.

Duy Nguyen

(male) Mr. Duy Khanh Nguyen (Nguyễn Khánh Duy – Duy Nguyen) is lecturer and research fellow of UEH. He holds a Diploma degree in Development Economics, Master in Business Management, and PhD student in Development Economics. Duy’s main role is to conduct research and to deliver lectures of Data Analysis, Forecasting, Econometrics, Labour Economics. He is also used to work as research manager for projects. He has been working in different projects related to labour productivity, food market, and linkages in agriculture.