VALUMICS workshop 3 in Reykjavik

The partners visiting the beautiful nature of South Iceland

The third VALUMICS workshop was held in Reykjavik, Iceland on the 27. and 28. of February. The workshop, hosted by UoI and MarkMar, was attended by representatives of the project partners. A final decision was made regarding the main food systems and value chains that VALUMICS will focus on during the project.

The following food systems have been selected for further study


Salmon to fillets


Beef cattle to steaks


Dairy cows to milk


Wheat to bread


Tomatoes to canned tomatoes


The VALUMICS project is well on track as it approaches the end of a productive first year, where much of the ground work has been laid for what looks to be an innovative way to examine food systems. The next workshop and plenary meeting will be hosted by University College Dublin, 11. to 13. of June