VALUMCIS at the European Researchers’ Night in Iceland

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VALUMICS team from Iceland, University of Iceland and MarkMar were at this fun event Vísindavaka organised by Rannis during September 27-28 2019. The event is to introduce the public to the science community and the research being done in Iceland. A special focus was to welcome the younger generation with fun activities.

The team prepared an online survey on consumer behaviour based on the trends analysed by WP6. The purpose was to engage with the pubic and raise awareness about the VALUMICS project. The stall visitors were asked to fill out the survey on i-pads provided. The illustration below shows the key results from the survey.

Stall visitors were also asked to rank their choice with a marker pen on photos illustrating key consumption values. Each person could label as many they felt were most important to them

Ranking valuesInteractive fun

The results reflected the same results as the survey, food waste and quality scoring the highest

ResultsRanking the values

They younger generation loved the healthy tomato snacks provided on the stalls

TomatoSnack time